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Become a member (Oulun kiipeilyseura -91 Ry)

By joining Oulun kiipeilyseura -91 (Oulu Climbing Club), you will get lots of benefits. There are two membership classes. Full membership (täysjäsen) includes membership of Finnish Climbing Association and UIAA, and you will get good accident insurance for climbing, Climbing-magazine twice a year (only in Finnish), and access to courses held by OKS-91. Light membership (kevytjäsen) includes all the other benefits, but no insurance, Climbing-magazine, or access to courses. Memberships are permanent, but all benefits are valid from the day of the payment until the end of the calendar year (possible insurance is valid until the end of January).

We are now taking membership applications for year 2022.

Membership fees, year 2022

Adult full membership: 99€

Under 19-yo full membership: 79€

Light membership: 52€

Primary phone number
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Date of Birth.
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Ilmoittaessasi junnua jäseneksi, ilmoitathan meille tässä kentässä huoltajien nimet ja puhelinnumerot. Ilmoita yksi tai useampi huoltajien sähköpostiosoite ylempänä sähköpostiosoite-kenttiä käyttäen, jotta pystymme lähettämään sinulle tarvittaessa helposti sähköpostia! Kiitos :)
I accept that my information is saved in the electronic FloMembers register.

By joining to Oulun kiipeilyseura -91 Ry, I commit to follow the generals rules of the climbing assocation, and to act by what is beneficial for the association. To become a member, you must submit this application and pay the fee. You will find more information about the membership and the fees from the beginning of this form, or here.

Oulun kiipeilyseura -91 Ry does not take any responsibility of my climbing activities.

Personal data is saved to an electrical register system (FloMembers register /  service provider Flo Apps Oy). The system fulfills EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

You can pay your fee immediately via Paytrail after a successful application.

Service provided by Flo Apps Ltd. Data will be saved in FloMembers, a state-of-the-art membership management tool.